Krewe Royalty Costumes, our specialty

Krewe Royalty Costumes are our specialty.  Whether you are a Queen, King, or Captain, we will create a design that exceeds your expectations. Krewe traditions and European Royalty are inspirations for our costumes.  As well as current fashion for a Queen’s gown. We utilize the same Queen’s construction and embellishment methods for King & Captain costumes.  While the beauty of a costume is paramount, we focus on its fit and wearability, too! Put our 40 years of experience in making Mardi Gras Royalty costumes to work for you. We will create a Royal costume that makes your reign memorable!
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Queen Gowns

So you are reigning as Queen of a Ball? Congratulations!  We will design and create the gown of your dreams.  Many factors go into designing a Queen’s gown. The necessary inner structure of a gown should never comprise its beauty. Instead, the gown’s exterior beauty should appear effortless. We achieve this by using a combination of Couture sewing and professional costuming techniques. We will guide you through design, fabric, and embellishment selections. Thus creating the perfect Queen’s gown for you.


We use heavy gauge galvanized wire to make a collar. The galvanized wire has soldered joints for durability as well as padding for comfort. Our collars can accommodate a mantle that attaches to the shoulders as well as the waist. During the design process, we will be your guide in choosing the number of petals, their shape, and the curve of the collar.   We will suggest fabrics to cover the collar and embellishments that will compliment your gown.

King Costumes

We offer many types of King costumes. Tunics vary from a traditional front panel, belted with a skirt or even full-length. Additionally, we offer capes, sleeveless robes, surcoats, and full-cut jerkins. We can also put our tailoring skills to work if you need a fanciful tailcoat. Our King costumes are beautiful as well as wearable. All of our tunics have under-arm gussets and eased elbows for comfort. We use the same construction methods as for a Queen.

Captain Capes & Tunics

Need a new Captain’s costume? Want to add to existing pieces? Indeed, we can design and construct the perfect cape or tunic for you. Without a doubt, our goal is to create a Captain’s ensemble that reflects the Carnival traditions of your Krewe.