We specialize in costumes for
Mardi Gras Royalty

We are a Mardi Gras costume design and fabrication company with over 40 years of experience.  Not only do we make quality costumes but memories, as well!  

The focus of our work is Mardi Gras Krewe Royalty.   We combine couture sewing with professional costuming techniques.  Thus, offering exceptional construction and embellishment of custom costumes.

Additionally, we offer in-house fabric embossing with

emBELLAtex®.  Meaning, we are not limited to patterned fabrics from manufacturers.  Your costume or gown can be made from an original patterned fabric.  We can create a Damask, Brocade, or other decorative patterns in any color way.  A variety of fabrics can be embossed, anything from tulle to velvet, even spandex. 

emBELLAtex® creates dimensional patterns that are light reflective, permanent, and flexible.  It is a cost-effective alternative to hand beading or bullion embroidery.  Including emBELLAtex® in the design of your costume gives you the unique opportunity to have total control of the design.  Now that is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Let us put our design skills to work for you.  We can create a Royal costume that will make your reign truly memorable! 

embossed Queen gown & collar
2020 Queen Mystique Krewe of Louisianians
The custom decorative patterns of Soft Silver & Gold were created with emBELLAtex® on-off white organza over white Italian charmeuse.