Fabric Embossing with

What is fabric embossing?

Fabric embossing is a process that adds dimension and texture to the surface of a fabric. Indeed, emBELLAtex® is an innovative process for embossing fabrics. It is a cost-effective alternative to bullion embroidery, additionally having the luster of fine beading.



fabric embossing?

The emBELLAtex® process adds patterns, dimension, and texture to a fabric’s surface. Surprisingly, this one-step process does not involve heat setting. Glitter or dry pigments are the colorings. The color is mixed into emBELLAtex® paste, then applied with a specialty stencil. Since the glitter is mixed in with the paste, it does not flake. Once dry, the patterns are permanent, light-reflective, and flexible.

Fabric embossing possibilities

In fact, fabric embossing with emBELLAtex® opens up a world of possibilities in costume design. It gives us the freedom to create one-of-a-kind patterns on fabric. We can choose the color and scale so that we get the look just the right. In fact, we no longer have to rely on patterned fabrics or trims in the marketplace.

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The Virtual Costumer article
Volume 9, Issue 1
February, 2011


embossed Edwardian Stomacher with embellatex®

Embossed Edwardian Stomacher

We designed a collection of Edwardian Stomachers for the 2013 Krewe of Contraband Golden Jubilee Ball. Each gown had an embossed stomacher inspired by a stomacher from the Edwardian era. The inspiration for this stomacher was also from a circa 1890-1900 piece of jewelry. Although the original piece is 3 1/8 by 2 1/8 inches, we needed it to be larger. It was important to maintain the delicate look of the original. With this in mind, we chose antique silver glitter color for the embossing paste. The embossed floral, foliate, and whiplash designs are the foundation for the rhinestone embellishments. Next came the addition of silver wire to connect the jeweled details. Finally, mirror image embossing finished the back of the piece. This also adds stability to the stomacher. Equally important, bending the wire gave the stomacher shape like the original.(view antique stomacher)