Embossed Queen's gown pictorial

This is a pictorial of an embossed Queen’s gown.  The gown was designed for the 2020 Mystick Krewe of Louisianians Mardi Gras Ball, held January 25, 2020, in Washington, D.C. is documented in this pictorial.  The Queen’s family, Dr. & Mrs. John Noble of Lake Charles, LA, commissioned the gown.

Design process for the gown

The Queen preferred an easy-to-walk-in slender gown with a square neckline.   So, I sketched a basic silhouette with several embellishment options.  While doing so, I kept in mind that the gown must reflect the family’s elegance and grace.   The Queen and her mother chose a design inspired by an Art Deco Erté illustration.  That was my favorite too!  The embossed Queen’s gown required 6 months to complete.  Although, the process was surprisingly easy because of their thoughtful communication and my years of experience.  

Color and fabric choices

The Queen and her mother chose Antique White for the gown’s color.  We then chose embellishments in soft silver and touches of gold.  I achieved this by layering sheers over solid fabrics.  An outer layer of off-white organza, embossed in soft Silver and Gold patterns, achieved the color.  To add subtle sparkle with dimension, under the organza was a layer of metallic silver web mesh.   Finally, the base of the gown was a diamond white Italian charmeuse, chosen for its luster. 

Inspiration for fabric surface designs

When designing the embossed surface patterns, I drew inspiration from Fabergé.  Fabergé is one of my favorite influences. I often turn to his work when combining patterns and colors. An antique brooch inspired the 3 loop bows and ribbon garlands.

Benefits of using fabric embossing for surface designs

We chose emBELLAtex® fabric embossing for the gown’s surface patterns. emBELLAtex® fabric embossing looks like beading or embroidery. It is a relatively quick process. Because of this, we did not have to rely on ready-made trims, their sizes, or colorways. Instead, we could choose complementary patterns, their scale, and coloration.   I could calculate seam placement within the surface design.   Rhinestone trim concealed the seams, making the outer layer appear seamless.