emBELLAtex® Embossed Patterns

3 Dimensional embossing's uses...

emBELLAtex® 3D embossed patterns are very versatile.  The raised surface design simulates brocade or damask, along with bullion embroidery. Embossing also creates accent pieces as well as borders, trims, motifs, and appliqué.  An advantage of embossing is that the patterns are scalable. Scaled patterns fit the garment without interruption, i.e. a border fitting around a hemline.

The images below are interactive.   A line drawing and description appear when the cursor rolls over an image.  Clicking on the highlighted text opens a closeup of the embossed garment. 

Why choose embossed surface patterns...

So, why choose surface patterns and trims created with emBELLAtex®  on a gown or costume? Anyone who has shopped for fabrics knows that affordable fabrics are hard to find. The same thing is true with trims. Our design team creates the surface patterns.  Therefore the colors and scale of the 3-D patterns compliment each other. We also recreate patterns from paintings and photographs along with original artwork.  An example is the Jewels of Fabergé collection inspired by the Fabergé Easter eggs. That means your costume will be truly one-of-a-kind.




Above is a line drawing for the appliqué on a Queen’s collar.  The design echoes the “flora and flourishes” embossed pattern on the scalloped edge of the gown.

Using emBELLAtex® allowed us to coordinate the gown and collar embellishments.

emBELLAtex® embossing provides a “setting” for rhinestones instead of pronged mountings. Pronged mountings tend to snag fabrics. They are also heavier than emBELLAtex®. The stones permanently bond with the fabric because of the paste. It is a much easier way to set stones. The application works with both pointed back and flat back rhinestones. We prefer to use pointed back stones in our costumes because they are more reflective.

Border, Motif,
All-Over Patterns







Our goal was to add depth to the gold brocade fabric, simulating bullion embroidery.  We chose three complementary patterns.  (view closeup)

An Arabesque border outlined the surcoat’s v-ed neck and oversleeves.  The all-over diamond pattern created texture on the organza tunic.  
Additionally, large motifs accent the skirt panels and cuffs.






The 3D damask pattern resembles bullion embroidery or fine beading.  A scaled embossed pattern fits the garment.  Notice the seamless pattern placement on the robe’s back and train.

emBELLAtex® offers many benefits. Customizing the size of a repeat (scaling) is one. Another mixing glitter colors to achieve the perfect shade and hue.  Additionally, there is a light-reflective element in the paste that refines the sparkle of the glitter.
Embossing does not look like glitter glue!











Brocade is traditionally a woven pattern. Here emBELLAtex® embossing mimics a “Brocade” pattern on velvet.  

The line drawing is a classic brocade repeat, which is scalable. Therefore, we were able to optimize the pattern for the size of the tailcoat. Also, pattern matching is a part of the embossing process.  The embossing bonds permanently with the fibers, yet remains lightweight and flexible.