Learn to create permanent, light-reflective 3D surface embellishments with the emBELLAtex® how-to videos. The tutorials explain everything you need to create 3D surface patterns with emBELLAtex® embossing paste. The paste is colored with glitter that does not flake!  Click on the picture and a new tab will open the video.

Can’t find the fabric patterns and trims you need?  Create your own 3D surface embellishments with emBELLAtex®!  You’ll be amazed at all of the possibilities.

Setting up a cleaning station is an important part of the embossing process.  That is why it is listed as the second video in the emBELLAtex® how-to videos. 

emBELLAtex® embossing paste dries clear.  You determine the color by adding ultra-fine glitter. Learn how in this video.

The Quick Start Guide video will teach you to emboss sheer fabric using the “plastic paper sandwich” technique, apply the paste, and clean the stencil.