Fabric Embossing

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 The Virtual Costumer

What is it ?

A one step process for producing decorative raised patterns on fabrics,
including velvet, tulle, organza, spandex and leather.  
Glitter or dry pigments are mixed into paste for color.

No heat setting involved. 
Glitter does NOT FLAKE!

Water-based, permanent, flexible, and dries clear with a light reflective glow. 

Refines glitter’s sparkle, looks similar to fine beading.  
Did I mention the glitter does not flake!?!

Dry Pigment creates patterns that resemble bullion embroidery.

Create raised, light reflective surface patterns on fabrics from tulle to velvet, even leather.  Also works on wood and paper products.  

The process and paste open up surface design possibilities, limited only by your imagination!